Hackathon for GEMv2

GEMv2 Hackathon

The goal of the hackathon is to work together to add 20+ new tasks into the GEM infrastructure. This page provides answer to the most frequently asked questions.

Important Dates

Start November 12, 2021

End November 24, 2021

Signing Up

Simply follow the instructions in this spreadsheet.


  1. Announcements: We will send all announcements to the gem-v2-participants@googlegroups.com list.
  2. Asynchronous Questions: You can join #hackathon-participants in our slack channel (join here) to ask questions.
  3. In-person Questions: Please add our calendar and you will see a first set of office hours you can join to discuss any issues you may run into. We will schedule more sessions as needed.

Getting Started

There will be three parts to each participation:

  1. Adding a data loader
  2. Writing a data card
  3. Creating initial challenge sets

Adding a data loader

Simply follow the instructions in our tutorial on our tutorial page.

Writing a data card

[To be added]

Creating challenge sets

We will be using the NL-Augmenter infrastructure to create challenge sets. You can use it to create (1) transformations and (2) filters. Tutorials for multiple possible paths are added on our tutorial page